Working people are leading a historic movement. We are speaking up, taking risks and rallying together for change. How can our movement capture this rising tide of energy and deliver equality and opportunity for all workers?

With clear vision and a unified purpose. To grow our unions, shape the future of work and win policies that enable us to live better lives. To address the biggest challenges of our time and be the most powerful force for progress in this country.

To build a bold, dynamic and inclusive movement that lifts up all working people.

As we come together in Philadelphia, the labor movement of today and tomorrow will be on display at the exhibit hall as we engage with some of the biggest issues and ideas that affect the future of our movement. We will pursue new ideas rooted in enduring values to:

• Help workers navigate the impacts of technology and have a voice in the future of work.
• Build an economic future that is sustainable, centered around worker rights and advances racial justice, in our country and in our unions.
• Attract young workers and grow our movement.
• Leverage the power, skills and voice of working women.
• Respond to threats like climate change, and chart a course for an equitable clean energy future that creates good union jobs.