BCTGM International Union


June 12–15, 2022 • Philadelphia •
Pennsylvania Convention Center

About the Event

Working people have endured through COVID-19, and are fed up with the systemic inequity that the pandemic laid bare. We are speaking up, taking risks and standing in solidarity for dignity, decency and a fair share of the wealth we create.

America’s labor movement is meeting the urgency of this moment. That means restoring our voting rights and reclaiming our organizing rights so all working people can have the life-changing opportunity to join unions. It means talking honestly with each other, and knowing that even when we don’t agree, every working person can find hope in our unions. It means creating pathways for working people to grow and succeed. When we are united and move together, as one, America’s labor movement is the most powerful force for progress in this country.

Our 2022 convention will give us an unprecedented opportunity to build a bold, dynamic and inclusive movement for the future.

AFL-CIO Black Lives Matter

Getting There

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